6 Best Places to Live in Florida

If you are like countless others, Florida seems like the dream destination for retirement, for wintering or for partying. The Sunshine state, what is not to love? Ocean, sunshine, beaches, surfing, fishing, warm weather and Disney World. Something for everyone.

Florida is divided into four major sections, the Panhandle, Uplands, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. It is ideal for families, singles, retirees and college students. Here are a few of the best places to live in.


Nicknamed ‘The Beautiful City’, it is one of the state’s most popular destinations for tourists and real estate shoppers alike. If theme parks and movie studios are not your things, pick from several beautiful neighborhoods.

There is a new soccer stadium, called Orlando City Stadium. It is completely privately funded and home to Orlando City, Orlando Pride, and OCB. It is in the downtown area, so if you like a bit of action, this is where you will find it.

Choose from an older, established area like Thornton Park, for a choice of 1920’s style bungalows and choice restaurants and shopping. Close to downtown and everything you need.

Orlando is located in central Florida and has several beautiful suburban neighborhoods that offer affordable housing, quiet, friendly communities and all the provisions you will ever need.

Miami Beach

This is not Miami, but Miami Beach. It’s like living on an island without actually leaving. Here you will find a beautiful view regardless of if you can see the ocean. Beautiful Art Deco buildings and greenery year-round make this a popular destination.

Ideal for young families, with your choice of great schools. Besides choosing between public or private schools, you will enjoy easy access and often, an easy walk to and from school. It’s ranked one of the safest cities around and it’s very easy to get around and navigate, what with it being an island and all.

Miami Beach also draws people from all over the country and all over the world. This mix brings a beautiful diversity which means great culture, great options for different food and boasts a thriving arts scene.


Tampa is located in Hillsborough County and is considered one of the best places to live in Florida. It is close to the beach, has a more reasonable temperature than other locations and is a comfortable mid-sized city.

The residential neighborhoods are packed with charm and history. Choose from several close to downtown or something in the suburbs. Many of the neighborhoods are planned communities and have  HomeOwners Associations and board members to make sure all residents’ needs are met.

It is also less expensive than other cities in Florida, with plenty of schools, so it is an ideal location for those with young families. There is a great diversity in culture and that will show in the variety of restaurants, music and annual festivals.

St. Petersburg

Let’s just start talking about all of the sunshine. Almost every day you can expect to see blue skies and sunshine. It is another very popular destination for tourists, which make it a happening place. More tourists means more amenities.

It has plenty of choices on every level. Beaches where you can walk, run, sail or hideout on a more secluded area and leave the tourists to their noise. It’s has a growing arts community, including museums, street art, and local boutiques and cafes hosting local artist’s work.

It has a low cost of living, excellent health care and it’s easy to stay healthy in St. Pete’s, thanks to plenty of things to do in the amazing weather and access to fabulously fresh food.


If you are looking for beauty at a bargain, welcome to Jacksonville. Planned neighborhoods, low-cost housing, and fantastic weather all make Jacksonville appealing. Regardless of which area you choose, expect friendly people.

There is a wide variety of restaurants featuring fine dining and all your favorite fast food takeaway. There is also a thriving arts and culture scene. Music, theatre, museums and a rich history all make this area a popular choice.

Beaches are always a reason to move to Florida and deliver. There are also more than 80,000 acres of the urban park area. Don’t miss the Art Walk, which is a free tour of downtown with markets, galleries, food, and local musicians.


Beaches Beaches and more beaches. Award-winning beaches, too, so there is enough reason if that’s what you need in your life. Just to make sure you enjoy those beaches, we’ve thrown in some superb weather.

Sarasota also has great Italian architecture. Expect other Italian influences, in museums and art. Many houses in the area have an Italian flair, as well. Opera, ballet and world-class theatre can also be found.

The cost of living is more than comparable to other cities in the area, plus low taxes, great health care, low property cost all make this area the perfect area for retirees.

Spoilt For Choice

You will need to do some research and find out what will best suit your needs. Whether you have a young family, or you are on a budget, looking to retire or plan to windsurf all day.

Start your checklist and you will be able to find the best city for you and your family. Florida already has the beaches and the weather, now all you have to do is choose.

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