5 Best Bitcoin Documentaries

The Bitcoin Story

This film was made in 2015 and is currently free to view on Amazon, if you have a prime account. While primarily a collection of conversations about bitcoin, intended to educate, this film also focuses on the role of bitcoin in finance. It covers both the current use of bitcoin in finance, as well as the prospective future role. With only a 35-minute film time, this movie isn’t as intensive as some of the other options, however, it does provide a basic insight into bitcoin and its current and possible applications. It also features a brief history and introduction to cryptocurrency and the technology that drives it; helpful for those that may otherwise be unaware. This is a great choice for surface level information about the world of bitcoin and other currencies.

Ulterior States (I Am Satoshi Documentary)

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious creator of modern bitcoin. No one knows who this person is or their motives behind creating the currency. Ulterior States, also made in 2015, highlights the leaders of the cryptocurrency world. The filmmakers attempt to be as unbiased as possible in their portrayal of these personas. Also noted are the individuals who created the technology that allowed for the creation of bitcoin. Additionally, this film was awarded in 2018 at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, for best microbudget film. Ulterior States does a fantastic job in highlighting the difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional ones, as well as the ways that bitcoin can circumvent traditional banking methods. The drawbacks and benefits of using cryptocurrencies is also discussed. This is a welcome addition to other educational resources, as few resources mention personal use and what this technology means for the average user.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This 2014 production is one of the best rated bitcoin movies of all time. The volatility of bitcoin, especially it is earlier days, is highlighted by this film. Interesting to many, however, is bitcoins independence from the world market. Financial experts expected bitcoin to fluctuate depending on the world financial status, but it didn’t. This was incredibly obvious during various international financial crises that occurred between 2012 and 2013. Much of this early observation is what inspired early investors and adopters of bitcoin. Thus, the second section of this film follows the businesses and start-ups that were inspired by bitcoin technology. Mainly, Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong and Margaux Avedisian are the featured investors. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin describes how the bitcoin mining process began during this era, as well as how information about cryptocurrencies reached the public. This film is demonstrative of the early rise of bitcoin and how it became a household name; instead of something only talked about in the deep, dark corners of the internet.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

This 2015 film contains one of the negative leaning viewpoints on bitcoin. It has a runtime of only an hour but its primarily about how cryptocurrency will destroy the current banking system. Before criticizing bitcoin, the film delves into the history of bartering systems and other forms of money. This brief explanation of history lays the groundwork for modern history. Following this, the movie explains how Wall Street trading and modern banking systems work. Finally, these explanations are used to create fair criticisms of bitcoin. Some of these criticisms have come to fruition, such as the largely untraceable nature of the currency, which has led to it being used for illegal activity in some cases. Other questions and concerns, however, have not come true. At least, not yet. Finally, The End of Money as We Know It speculates about the future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Life on Bitcoin

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