3 Best Bike Helmets for Kids

As a concerned parent who watches their kid ride their bike in the neighborhood, you realize the need to protect their crown. Helmets provide the protection that is required for your child when they are riding a bike.

Helmets are not a decorative accessory that enhances the bike’s the look; it is essential for your kid’s safety. Your child might not be too excited when it comes to wearing a helmet; after all, it is not exciting like riding a bike. However, it is extremely necessary that they wear it. Your children are more likely to go through a serious head injury compared to you.  Despite them throwing tantrums, making your kids wear helmets will protect their heads from being injured when they are out to play.

To make the helmet a part of their bike riding routine, it is better if you begin inculcating the habit from an early age. This will make them more comfortable with adopting it as a habit. Even if they are not used to wearing helmets, it is never too late to inculcate it in their routine. If you ride with them, you should also wear a helmet to set an example for them. This will encourage them and they will be more likely to wear a helmet. Make sure you let them have a say when getting them a helmet as they might refuse to comply otherwise.

These 3 picks are just what you have been looking for your child. 

The Safest Pick: Lazer Nut’z MIPS

For those parents whose biggest concern is safety, Lazer Nut’z with MIPS is the safest bet you can make. It is available in both a MIPS and a non-MIPS version. However, helmets with MIPS  or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System are engineered with a technology that protects the head and neck in case of a spill, as it is made of two interior layers that rotate against each other. This is effective in minimizing the impact.

The auto-fit system is an essential characteristic that makes it outshine the competition. The retention system allows the helmet to be adjusted to your child’s head. The tension wire enables the helmet to be an accurate fit automatically for each use.

It is built with in-mold construction that not only increases the safety but makes the helmet durable. The helmet also includes a built-in visor. The chin straps can be secured with the help of locking sliders of the magnetic, pinch-proof buckle. It comes with 16 vents that ensure nice air circulation keeping your child’s head cool when at play.

Despite its high price, this should be your first pick, as it is currently the most robust safety technology on bicycle helmets.

Most Affordable Option: Kali Chakra

The most popular helmet among kids and parents is Kali Chakra. It is the most affordable choice when it comes to getting a helmet for your kid. Not only does is it economical but also comes with a crash replacement guarantee which you might not need to avail.

Kali is renowned for its adult mountain bike gear and Chakra does not fall behind in terms of popularity among the younger lot. Although your child is not planning to go for mountain biking, Kali Chakra’s mountain bike design gives your children an attractive outlook. Similar in design to its grown-up counterpart, kids find the helmet’s look cool and are not hesitant to choose it.

The helmet is not only compact and light in weight but has fully integrated rear coverage. Its visor provides sun protection as well. It incorporates an easy dial-adjust system that makes it highly adjustable, fitting most head sizes. It undoubtedly provides the wearer excellent ventilation and breathability with the aid of 21 large vents. 

This pick is not only pocket-friendly but will also make your kids happy with the cool adult-looking designs that it has to offer.

Your Kid’s Choice: Bell

If you are struggling to convince your child to wear a helmet, get them something that they want as well. At times, children refuse to wear helmets as they think that it gives them a geeky, ugly look. Bell offers a wide range of styles to pick from.

These helmets are mostly themed that will be appealing to the kids. The helmet’s design usually features popular movie characters like Disney Princesses (such as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty or Anna and Elsa from Frozen) to superheroes and speeding vehicles from Disney•Pixar’s Cars. The wide variety of helmets designs ensures that everyone finds something to their liking.

These helmets are not only fancy looking but are compliant to Consumer Product Safety Commission certification.


 For Toddlers: Giro Scamp

If you are struggling to find the perfect helmet for your toddler, Giro Scamp would be a perfect choice. It is available for young ones between the ages of 12 and 18 months. With your toddler growing up, it offers the option of size adjustability which means that you will not have to change it frequently, saving you from frequent purchases.

It also has an integrated visor and rear dial-adjust that fits the head size well and protects from injuries.

You have the option to choose a helmet variant with MIPS technology that provides further protection for the back of the head. You’ll have the convenience of carrying around your little one, as it is suitable for trailer and bike seat use.

Along with a helmet, you should also make sure that your child is equipped with other safety gear, such as elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, etc.; this is highly recommended and effective in ensuring safety. Also, remember to always replace a helmet after a hard drop. It is not advised to use a pre-owned helmet or one with cracks, as it might compromise your child’s safety.

Now that we have provided you the best options for your kid’s safety, go ahead and get your kid the perfect helmet!

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