5 Best Chemical Engineering Schools

Chemical engineering is a discipline that explores areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, and math. Commonly, students who have graduated from a chemical engineering program can also become an inventor who operates in the realm of new energy. Chemical engineering is crucial because it can help tremendously with discovering new findings with technology and medicine in the health care industry. Below are the top universities that offer the best chemical engineering schools located in the United States of America.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the top university in the US, is a research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT’s School of Engineering offers one of the best chemical engineering programs in the country. This program is designed to provide its students with the fundamentals in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology. According to US News, MIT is currently ranked number one in Best Engineering Schools in the United States of America. At the moment, almost half of its graduate students are enrolled in this program. Additionally, a majority of its professors work in this department, as well. MIT takes great pride in developing and providing educational resources to future leaders in engineering and science.

The School of Engineering at MIT offers both its graduate and undergraduate students various degree options to explore in chemical engineering. Most of the degree options are well recognized in the engineering industry and highly ranked in the country. These areas are for students who are looking to explore the fascinating realm of chemical engineering in various fields such as systems and process design, surface science, nanotechnology, polymers, and biotechnology.

Stanford University

Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University or simply Stanford), located in Stanford, California, near Silicon Valley, is a private research university. The university is well known for its reputation as being the top universities in the US, academic achievements, and Engineering School. Stanford University’s Engineering School is currently ranked number two as the best engineering program in the country. The School of Engineering is among the top programs found at Stanford University.

Along with MIT, the university continues to be the first to provide new crucial innovation and research throughout science. The program has various departments as well as labs and centers designed to help students learn, grow, and gather essential research. Stanford allows its students to gain real-world work experience in each of the departments, which helps them tremendously after graduating. At Stanford, the university has over fifteen laboratories, learning centers, and institutes dedicated and designed for its students to continue their students outside of the traditional classroom setting.

University of California – Berkeley

The College of Engineering at the University of California is one of the fourteen schools found at the University of California – Berkeley and ranked number three in the United States of America. The university is a public research university that allows its graduate students to earn a master’s in engineering within two years. One significant advantage that students will have in this program is the Berkeley Engineering Professional Master’s Program accelerated option, where students can complete the program in one year instead of two.

The university also offers its students multiple research centers and programs to gain more knowledge in engineering outside of the classroom.

Well-recognized Research centers and programs are the following:
Microfabrication Laboratory
Intel Research Laboratory @ Berkeley
Nokia Research Center @ Berkeley
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center
Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
Power Systems Engineering Research Center
Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology often referred to as CalTech, is another private research university that is one of the top-ranked universities in the country. Located in Pasadena, California, this university is well recognized for its natural science and engineering programs. Its Division of Engineering and Applied Science is currently ranked number five in the country. In this program, students have the option of earning a master of science in chemical engineering within only one year. If students aren’t satisfied with learning just chemical engineering, they can also explore the program’s specialized degree option in either mechanical engineering, aeronautical, electrical, or civil. It is important to note that the specialized degree option will take students two years to complete.

CalTech takes pride in inviting potential students who have a deep passion for researching and learning more about chemical engineering. The Division of Engineering and Applied Science also provides its students with ways to develop skills outside of the classroom. Both the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering and the center for the Science and Engineering of Materials provides students with opportunities to learn more and network with other students.

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota, located in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN, is a public research university. What separates the University of Minnesota’s Engineering School from other universities is that its Institute of Technology uses a natural waterfall for collecting data for fluid mechanics and energy solutions. At the moment, the University of Minnesota is the only university on the planet to do so. Students in the engineering program have the option of choosing over twenty masters in science degree programs. The programs focus on areas in science such as astrophysics, security technologies, geological engineering, biomedical, chemical, and aerospace. Additionally, students also have the option of choosing up to seventeen programs to earn a Ph.D.

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