5 Best Makeup Brushes

If you are getting tired of having to constantly replace your makeup brushes that you were given the impression of initially that they would last longer than they had – then you will want to read up about which makeup brushes to invest in so you will finally have makeup brushes that will last you a long time. Additionally, you will finally have makeup brushes that are soft to touch while you apply your makeup, as well as knowing that they are made of high-quality materials that are cruelty-free, and will help provide you with that flawless finish.

That means you will want to put your wallet away for the time being until you read about the 5 best makeup brushes of 2019! Here is that list that you must read before making any new purchases!

1. BS-MALL Makeup Brushes

You cannot go wrong with these BS-MALL makeup brushes as the brushes are silky and soft. This means that they are extremely gentle to the touch but firm when you apply the makeup to your face. And the brushes are also shaped extremely nicely and are dense, and long-lasting. You never have to worry about the bristles falling out while applying makeup.

This package features 5 pieces of the Big Kabuki makeup brushes in addition to 9 pieces of the brushes for eye makeup.

The brushes in this package are:

  • The brush that is angled which is ideal for bronzer and blush
  • The angled brush that is flat which is meant to fit each area of the face easily
  • The flat brush for the face which allows you to mix cream or liquid products onto the area of the face where they are flat such as the check area or the forehead
  • The round brush which is the powder foundation application that is buffed and can blend the mineral products onto the skin.
  • The tapered brush which is the best for concealing the under the hard-to-reach nose and eye regions
  • The blending brush.
  • The angled brush for eyeshadow application
  • The classic eye shadow brush
  • The concealer brush.
  • The precise makeup brush
  • The brush for details
  • The detailed brush that is angled
  • The detailed brush that is classic
  • The brush for eyeliner application

These brushes are made with high-quality materials and this set is a rose gold color.

2. BESTOPE Makeup Brushes

This 16-piece makeup brush set is a must-have as it features 5 pieces of large kabuki makeup brushes and 11 pieces of precise brushes.  This synthetic makeup brushes provide anything you need in order to attain that natural appearance on your face and eyes as you can apply your makeup easily.

These brushes are made with premium materials which include fibers that are dense and soft which allows you to have a high-definition finish with creams, powders, and liquids. You never have to worry about the fibers shedding. These brushes are also versatile as they will cover every shape and size of any face. The handles are made with wooden and ferrule materials which allows you to grip them easily.

Included in this BESTOPE makeup brush package are the angled brush, powder brush, fan brush, flat angled brush, face flat brush, and a round brush. Additionally, the lash, and eyebrow, bending, angled eyeshadow, tapered, classic eyeshadow, angled detail, eyeliner, and precise brushes are included. There are also two concealer brushes in this package as well. And these brushes are ideal for both makeup artists and novices. The fact that this set of makeup brushes made it onto the Amazon’s Choice list shows that these are the one of the best makeup brushes of 2019.

3. Anjou Makeup Brush Set

This is the best makeup brush set of 2019 by Anjou which is why it ended up on Amazon’s Best Seller list. This Anjou makeup brush set is a 16-piece set which includes 7 big brushes in addition to 9 precision brushes that will provide you with a perfect complexion, brows, and lips. And it will help make your eyes stand out with its elite eyeshadow brushes.

The brushes are made with soft and synthetic fibers that are cruelty-free, velvety to the touch, and dense so it firmly applies makeup. The fibers will also not shed, and the design includes a black handle that is chic as well as the ferrule is a rose-gold color.

You can easily attain that complexion that is flawless as the brushes make it very easy to apply creams, powders, and liquids without it being soaked up at all.

The other perk that this product has is that it features a roll clutch that is protective so you can travel with the set anywhere you choose without worrying about the bristles being damaged or the brush being deformed. This set can be used by anyone regardless of skill level whether they are makeup artists or amateurs.

4. EmaxDesign Makeup Brush Set

Another makeup brush set that you will want to grab, is this 12-piece EmaxDesign cosmetic brush set because these brushes are handmade and are made with synthetic fiber materials that are premium. And they give you an incredible touch and you will love how they feel while you are applying makeup with them. And they work amazingly well which means you will have that flawless finish after your application of makeup! The bristles will not shed either. The types of brushes that are included in this set are:

  • The mini kabuki brush
  • The multifunction blush brush
  • The multifunction foundation brush
  • The eyelash brush
  • The blusher brush
  • The small eyeshadow brush
  • The eyebrow brush
  • The concealer brush
  • The eye smudge brush
  • The highlight brush
  • The large eyeshadow brush
  • The foundation brush

The brushes are absolutely essential for the application of powder, liquids, and cream onto the face and around the eyes when it comes to applying eye makeup. These brushes are made with high-quality nylon and the handles are made with bamboo, and these are also professionally designed and handcrafted. They have a luxurious appearance and are easy to travel with. That means you will have an easy time taking them with you wherever you go. There was a reason that they made it on the Amazon Best Seller list! Customers just love these makeup brushes.

5. BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set

This BEAKEY makeup brush set made it on the Amazon Best Sellers list for a reason as being one of the best makeup brushes of 2019. This set comes with a 10-piece brush set in addition to a makeup sponge as well as a makeup brush cleaner egg. This brush kit is absolutely perfect for powders, liquids, and creams and will make the makeup application process effortless.

The bristles are made with synthetic hair which means they are cruelty-free, and the brush handle is made with durable wood material. Not only do these brushes make the makeup application process effortless, but it is soft and gentle to the touch which creates a smooth experience.

The beauty sponge that this kit includes is made with non-latex materials and has the shape of a teardrop. It is easy to use as the bottom which is flat is to be used for the forehead as well as the cheeks. The end that is pointed is meant to be used for smaller and harder to reach areas of the face.

The makeup brush cleaner egg consists of small granules parts which are meant for cleaning the brushes that are the smallest. And the stripes it also features are meant to clean the brushes that are larger. Additionally, the BEAKEY makeup brush set is compact which is ideal for traveling with which means you can take this set when you are traveling long distances to look your best at special events or for other reasons. Either way, you will love this makeup brush set just as an overwhelming amount of other customers who have bought this set do as well!

Now you know of the 5 best makeup brushes of 2019 that you are only going to want to look at. And when it comes to choosing the best choice out of those 5 in this list, that will take you evaluating which one makeup brush set has to offer and base your individual needs on that.

However, whichever makeup brush set that you choose as long as it is on this list, you are guaranteed to be very happy with your choice. You will have makeup brushes that are made with the best materials so it will last longer and you will not have to worry about shedding bristles. And you will be able to take any of those sets with you wherever you go because traveling with any makeup brush set kit that isn’t compact is not an easy thing to do. All of these brush sets are compact and easy to take while traveling.

And any of these makeup brush set kits consist of the best brushes that will provide you with that flawless look while you apply your makeup on with ease! You deserve the best, which is why you are reading this list!

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