FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

Greatest Tool Ever

I have had a furminator before, for shorter fur, that somehow disappeared. I tried to try less expensive alternatives... but my girl is a shedding machine (her coat is misleading! See photo). So I decided I just needed to go back to this, and try the one for long hair. The one photo is from one stroke neck to tail.
Katie on June 1, 2021

Absolutely Love it

It really did a great job removing fur from my husky type dog and from my cats. It was hard to keep the fur contained so I plan to do this outside next time. But other then that. Absolutely love it!
Jackie on May 31, 2021


I thought the hype was a joke. I bought one anyway, WOW, IT REALLY WORKS... My Husky has a triple undercoat. Before, I was able to pull out her loose fur like I was taking a tissue out of a box. It just kept coming out. I tried the FURminator and now it cleaned it all out. No more lumps in her fur. It very smooth. Great job.
Bobbi on May 27, 2021

Winning Brush

I am so amazed with this brush! I have tried several brushes and the bristles always end up breaking and they never get deep down to the undercoat. However this brush is sturdy and no broken pieces after several uses! I love that there is a fur release button to get the stubborn hairs out of the brush. My dog gets so excited when it's time to get brushed, its like a massage to him! It leaves his fur so smooth, he was like a brand new dog after using this for the first time! Highly recommend!
Nicole on May 19, 2021

Unbelievably thorough!

Between my wife and I, we have purchased every type of dog brush on the market trying to find one that would remove the undercoat from my GSD. My brother and his wife buy their dogs' food from chewy so I looked on their site for recommendations and ratings specifically for German Shepherds. I made the purchase and neither my wife or I will ever regret spending the money for this marvelous shed reducer/eliminator. After 3 very hairy days of using the FURminator on her we can finally see an end to vacuuming up a stray dog from the hardwood floors every day.
abyssiniandog on June 27, 2021

Worth every cent!

Had another Furminator but didnt do as great of a job as this one. Was hesitant to buy this because of the huge price difference in other brushes but this is so worth the money! The time and effort I used to comb using this is way less than any other brush I used. Doesn’t tangle anything and has an easy push button to let the hair fall off the comb. I would highly recommend this to any long hair dog, especially for the Spring/ Fall shed!
Thor on May 26, 2021

Holy Goodness!

Based on the reviews, I selected the FURminator. Like many others, I rarely do reviews. However, the goodness of this product demands it. Sturdy, effective, and plain ol' gamechanger. Four strokes and we were emptying the comb. This is great. Yes, yes, yes, worth the money!
Harley on June 10, 2021

FURminator is amazing!

I have a German Shepard and needed a brush that could effectively remove her undercoat. I had my doubts about this product when it arrived, but one stroke of the brush and I was sold. This thing is amazing at removing hair! Much better than any other brush I have ever used. It even works great on my short haired Mastiff.
akhills3 on May 26, 2021